Who is joey logano dating dating prieten chat 2016

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Who is joey logano dating

It has become a habit on Saturday nights at Hickory Motor Speedway, that I know I will most likely end up eating race track chicken tenders or pizza for dinner, and that's OK with me.

Another point I want to make is when we are at NASCAR events and he talks about Kyle Busch or Joey Logano or Brad Keslowski, I can't be the star struck fan because it may make him look bad.

No matter how many long days or late nights he endures he keeps pursuing, keeps pushing, keeps learning and keeps making himself better than he was before.

Lucky for us, we started dating when we were seventeen so we have gotten to see each other grow and become the people we are today.

I have seen him through the beginning of his career to now, his successes, his failures and everything in between.

I have accepted the fact that when we graduate, we will have to live somewhere where he can easily find a job with a team, or close to a lot of race teams and lucky for me I can get a job almost anywhere so I'm down to live anywhere (within reason).

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All the days I spend missing him when he is away, are days he spends hours upon hours working his butt off for his team, making sure his driver is safe and in good hands along with the rest of the crew.

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