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To the best of my knowledge I never got caught by my mom or sisters wearing their pantyhose.I wonder what would have happened if my mom caught me wearing her pantyhose.I didn't wear pantyhose after age sixteen and up until I got married.I do have alot of great memories of girlfriends wearing pantyhose when we would go out on dates.He carefully put the pantyhose, girdles and bras back in the drawer and we ended up back in the den and started playing with the Matchbox cars again as if nothing had ever happened.

He then asked me if I would like to wear some of his moms lingere with him.

One night about one year into our marriage my wife and I were in bed.

I was having a hard time trying to figure a way to let my wife know that I enjoyed not only her wearing pantyhose when we made love, but that I would like to wear pantyhose also. Initially she was shocked, but I believe she was truly concerned that there was something seriously wrong, and after finding out that this was only a pantyhose fetish she was relieved.

Next thing I know she goes to her lingere drawer and pulls out two pairs of pantyhose.

She then tells me to put one pair on while she gets into the other pair of pantyhose.

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This was so exciting, but I also felt a little ashamed.

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