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(The club freak movement peaked when a man dressed as a large suitcase was hailed as a clubbing celebrity and interviewed in dance magazine Mix Mag.) Another key ingredient for the scene was the arrival of Mitsubishis, the MDMA-rich Es that flooded clubland in late '98 and rejuvenated it almost overnight.

Before long 18- and 19-year-olds, for whom rave was ancient history - and so something to be pillaged and reclaimed - were pouring into clubs. Radio One's Judge Jules has angrily called for rave toys to be banned, and the cyberfreaks aren't too happy. "You can't tell people what to do." This friction is largely because the cyberfreaks phenomenon is clubbing's first real revival, with clubbers embracing a hotchpotch of styles they were too young to experience first hand.

Every weekend, these dedicated clubbers, almost all between the ages of 18 and 21, dress like parodies of rave fashion, their hair spiked and glowing at the tips, their clothes customised with flashing lights and protuberant lumps of rubber.

Glow-sticks, rave's long-derided waveable wands, and babies dummies are making a comeback alongside an armoury of rave toys: phazer guns, hammers, devil's pitchforks.

No Name pays homage to the outlaws of the old Wild West.

Dwight Yoakam is a haunting, bitter song about losing your lover to someone else.

"It's come full circle," shrugs Matthew Score, an 18-year-old warehouse worker who drives up from Worksop every weekend.

Dressed in the male cyberfreak's uniform of skin-tight cycling top and fluorescent face paint, he teases his hair into spikes, coating the tips with UV dye.

These are songs for a community of lost souls, misfits, giving praise to misery and one finger to loneliness. And with a backing band that are deceptively free and easy, making complex rhythms simple, they’re a match made in heaven and hell.When she sings words about her lover like this they drip with bitterness and stick you right in the gut: “He likes to make love when he’s smoking. And he sings just like Dwight Yoakam.” Misery Without Company invokes the optimistic belief that tomorrow will be better, but for tonight there’s just a bottle to empty.Solitary Confinement is a rockabilly lonesome blues song.April 2017 09/10 Sarah Shook & The Disarmers first release for Bloodshot Records and it blows Louder Than War’s Mark Ray away.The problem with genres is stereotyping and those bandwagon jumpers who think they know how to play punk, heavy metal, goth or what have you, and end up turning people off, rather than on.

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