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It is possible to find other users by phone numbers if the user allows the app to synchronize their address book.Users can verify the identity of their Threema contacts by scanning their QR code, when they meet physically. Using this feature, the users can make sure they have the correct public key from their chat partners, which provides security against a Man-in-the-middle attack.version 2.6 from their stand at the Free and Open Source Software Developers' European Meeting 2015 event in Brussels.This release includes security fixes, removes support of the deprecated MSN protocol, along with SSLv3 in XMPP.

The verification level of each contact is displayed in the Threema application as dots next to the corresponding contact.The name Threema is based on the acronym EEEMA which stands for end-to-end encrypting Messaging Application.Threema uses a user ID, created after the initial app launch by a random generator, instead of requiring a linked email address or phone number to send messages.The project uses the Apache Felix OSGi implementation As Jitsi can handle IPv6 it is especially interesting for direct PC-to-PC (peer-to-peer) communication, for instance, if both sides were 'trapped' behind NAT routers, but could obtain a reachable IPv6 address via a tunnel-broker.In addition to text messaging, users can send multimedia, locations, voice messages and files.

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