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Fetish random sex dating no credit cards ever

When she had first seen him standing in the doorway of their hotel, Jennifer had thought she was still asleep and this was just a dream.She and Sarah had spent their night playing a host of naughty games with their guests, Catherine Zeta Jones and Reese Witherspoon, and they had fucked themselves to the point of exhaustion.Now she was sitting in the bathtub, soaking her body and wondering what was next for her. Despite the turmoil going on in her head, Jennifer couldn’t help but smile when she saw her roommate.She and Brad had spoken several times since he had appeared, but she still wasn’t any closer to figuring things out. She didn’t even want to think about how bad things would be if she didn’t have her support net of friends like Sarah and all the others they had left behind in Malibu. It had been a shock for all of them when Brad had suddenly shown up like that, but Sarah knew her reaction was nothing compared to what Jennifer must have felt.Plus there was the growing shadow of Jaime Pressley looming. Just when she had adjusted to being a newlywed, Sarah, Love and Rose had hijacked her limo and opened her eyes to the wonders of female flesh.

Nearly 10 months without the adventures of everyone’s favorite lesbian celebrities.

She loved Brad, but now she was wondering if that was enough to make their marriage work. It had been a long time since Sarah had fantasized about a guy and this was no mere guy.

She sat in the bathtub amidst the bubbles, letting them cover her bare flesh and soak into her. It was the husband of one of one of the women she felt closest to in the world.

Sarah had regained her wits first and had quickly tugged Brad inside so she could close the door and streak back to the bedroom to throw something on her body. She had just stood there stark naked and facing her husband. Part of Jennifer had wanted to leap into Brad’s arms, kiss him passionately and lead him right back into the bedroom with her. To slap him for leaving her and then walking back into her life with no warning. It was all Jennifer had been able to say and Brad had returned the greeting with a smile.

Jennifer’s brain was filled with colliding feelings smashing into each other, none of them gaining the needed dominance to become an action. Jennifer was quickly waking up and she could see that this was hard on him too. They had been so close and now they looked at each other as if they were strangers.

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