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Dating a roommate

You can buy a beanbag chair and immediately regret it without anyone saying “I told you so”. But when couples decide to move in together, it usually comes after a period of getting to know each other from the comfort and safety of separate spaces.

I was three sips into my piña colada when I met eyes with a guy standing on the opposite end of the room. I’m leaning toward not, but here’s the other thing. Just be casual and breezy, and try to get him to laugh with you about it (even if that laughter is forced and accompanied by flop sweat). (yes, I’m 24 and am just now starting to be an I found a roommate and will be subletting a room from this really cool guy! I took a poll from friends and it’s split down the middle: some say I should go for it, while others say DO NOT it will be a nightmare! Teasing him about the bumble match is definitely the easiest way to defuse any prefaced weirdness.This was probably the IRL of an inbox overflowing with eager responses for their ads.I could feel my fellow blue stickers sizing each other up and eavesdropping on parts of other people's conversation — all masked in a vague sense of politeness and uneasy smiles.

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