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But she can't tell anyone, because who would believe that a woman of God would do such a thing? See full summary » Director: George Cukor One night, Kripa is on the run from sex and violence when he meets Sadhavi, a woman who strangely resembles his dead mother.Director: Doug Campbell Liz and Merry Noel become friends as college roommates and their friendship endures over the years. She gives him shelter and teaches him to travel inwards through sex.Fran, tired of being termed a homosexual by others, confides in his ...See full summary » Director: Leopoldo Laborde In a small Canadian township two lads start to investigate the world of women, with some advice from the local Scottish shop and garage owner. See full summary » Director: Eric Till The two brothers Aske (17 years old) and Bastian (12 years old) live with their father, Lasse. Every day they live in a world where fear, violence and...See full summary » Director: Joe D'Amato A boy and a girl wake up in bed one morning, naked. Before she died she asked her children to find their birth father who left them when they...See full summary » Director: Eliav Lilti History loving boys Raphael, who came to visit his friend in America and made sexual confusion into the life of this family, may remind you of external plot outline genius "Theorems" of ...

Sidner's mother Solveig dies in a very unfortunate bicycle accident involving some cows.See full summary » Director: Rafael Moleón Alessio, a young man from a well to do family, has been mute since the death of his mother two years ago.His father, who has subsequently remarried, sends him to his sister-in-law's house ...Director: Rebecca Daly Malmö, Sweden during the Second World War. Now, all that remains is to confess the rousing thoughts to an elaborate diary hoping to break free from ties and inhibitions.Stig is a 15 year old pupil on the verge of adulthood. Director: Tinto Brass In Northern Norway during the 1860s, a little girl named Dina accidentally causes her mother's death.

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See full summary » Director: Vittorio De Sisti Two brothers on different life paths, a gay waiter with a crush on an eligible bachelor and a drug addict in a twisted dependent relationships with his girlfriend, reunite to mourn the death of their mother.

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